Algorand APAC Accelerator Overview

Web3 is at a point where mass-market usage is accelerating.

The next generation of blockchain startups will build infrastructure and applications that will make using the technology as seamless as web2 today.

This wave will onboard the next billion users to blockchain technology.

AXL is hyper-focused on selecting and investing in founders building to catalyze mainstream adoption with Algorand.

Program Information
  • Up to 12 startups per cohort.
  • Applications open from Sept 27th - January 13, 2023.
  • Offers are made on a rolling basis, apply early!
  • Decisions are made by February 24, 2023.
12 Week Program Timeline:
  • February 26, 2023 - Late May, 2023
    Deal Terms
    • $50,000 USD investment from our Venture Partners for 4.5% equity at a $1,111,111 USD post-money valuation cap.
    • 0.5% in equity to AXL Ventures for advisory and program participation.
    Program GUIDE
    Our 12-week program helps promising teams develop strong foundations and build confidence in their growth trajectory while being guided by some of the most experienced mentors in the world.
    Each month will follow a general theme and the program will end in a pitch event in month 3.
    Month 1: “Foundation” 🧱
    • Problem & solution review.
    • Business model audit.
    • Product deep dive.
    • Mentor matching!
    Month 2: “Execution” ⚙️
    • Double down on hitting product milestones.
    • Customer development.
    • Go-to-market strategy.
    Month 3: “Ignition” 🚀
    • Preparation for fundraising.
    • Investor introductions.
    • Demo day.
    Axlerate 1 Application
    Teams across the APAC region who are building on Algorand are welcome to apply. Our program is backed by the Algorand Foundation and its major supporters giving you the absolute best network to help you excel.
    Here are some broad criteria we use to evaluate your project.
    • Why Algorand?
    • Problem Space
    • Solution
    • Business Model
    • Traction
    • IP
    • Tech Readiness
    • TAM
    • Skillset
    • Coachability
    • Communication.
    Application Process
    1. Apply into our program.
    2. Applications are reviewed by the AXL team.
    3. Startups are shortlisted for an interview.
    4. Decision committee makes decisions on a rolling basis until spots are filled or the application window closes.
    5. Investments made by January 27th, 2022.
    Startup Application Form ›