Do I need to be in the APAC region to apply?

Yes, we require all projects to have a base in APAC. If you’re interested in moving to this part of the world to build your startup we can consider your application.

Is the program fully remote?

Yes, we do not require you or your team to move to any particular physical location in APAC.

What industries do you consider for your accelerator?

The main lens we use for selecting projects is their viability for mass-market application and adoption regardless of industry. All projects will need to be built on top of Algorand.

How can I make sure my application is considered?

Your startup needs to demonstrate that its solving a clear, compelling problem with a strong team, well thought-through business model, and high level growth plan. The project also needs to be an ideal fit for the Algorand ecosystem and pair well with the future direction of the chain.

Are there any fees or cost for startups?

No, there are no enrolment or other hidden fees to apply or to enrol in the program.

Do mentors expect compensation?

No, our mentors have no expectation for financial compensation while they work with you in the program. Once you’ve graduated, however you decide to work with your mentor moving forward is up to you. Many mentors move on to become advisors or core team members of the startups they work with.

Any more questions? Feel free to drop us a note at