Mentors at AXL are people who have deep expertise as founders, investors and subject matter experts. They guide our startups pro-bono during the program and add tremendous value in the form of knowledge or resources and contacts.

Here is the Techstars Mentor Manifesto. We feel it is a great guide and fits well with the ethos of what we believe is a strong mentor.

Please review it before applying.

before applying

What to think about before applying

  • Think about what your interests are, where your expertise lay and how much time you can reasonably commit. We want you to be working on projects you enjoy in a cadence that fits into your schedule.
  • We want mentors to help for the right reasons. Know what they are and make sure they’re not financially motivated because mentors in this program are not compensated. With this kind of mindset, mentors get the most out of the program.
  • A lot of what you might hear or be involved in could be highly confidential. Please make sure to disclose any potential conflict of interest between yourself and the companies you mentor and do not discuss details of the work you do with startups outside the accelerator without the company’s permission.
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