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AXL is a strategic accelerator that activates the next generation of blockchain founders. Powered by a global network of leading mentors, our specialised curriculum is designed to unlock compelling value and propel businesses into the market-fit stage.

From ideation to pitch, AXL helps early-stage companies optimise their potential, connect to leading global investors, and accelerate to excel.
Web3 is at a point where mass-market usage is accelerating. The next generation of blockchain startups will build infrastructure and applications that will make using the technology as seamless as web2 today.

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Demo Day
Algorand APAC Accelerator Demo Day concluded successfully on 31 May 2023. Learn more about 6 innovative Algorand startups.

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Mentors at AXL are people who have deep expertise as founders, investors and subject matter experts. They guide our startups pro-bono during the program and add tremendous value in the form of knowledge or resources and contacts.

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Our leadership team is unique; we’re founders first with a wealth of practical experience and a deep network of industry veterans to draw from.

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Questions about the program from location specifics through to costs and application considerations.

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Press Releases: Algorand APAC Accelerator Program makes USD $2.4 million commitment to blockchain start-ups
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Program Recap: Algorand APAC Accelerator Program Cohort 1
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